Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy offers a tailored practice of movement, breath-work, and meditation. Each session is customized to meet your present circumstances and overall health needs. No yoga or meditation experience required.

In the first session, we’ll chat about your past medical history, current concerns, and overall intention for therapy. Confidentiality is always maintained. Based on what you share, I’ll conduct postural and breath assessments as needed, followed by a safe, therapeutic sequence of postures, breath-work, and meditation. This initial exchange sets in motion the ongoing plan of care.

A take-home plan is always recommended. Homework is personalized, so it fits into your schedule, and honest feedback is essential. As the sessions continue, the plan will evolve to keep meeting you where you are.

Yoga therapy is most effective when the practices are done routinely. Your engagement in the work is key and I am here to guide you along the way.

1 Session = $95
3 Sessions = $250
6 Sessions = $500

*sessions are 60 minutes

We can work in-person (proof of vaccination + booster for Covid-19 required, with masks worn during the session) or remotely via Google Meetings or Facetime.

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