I sought out Laura for a long-standing and nagging low back injury. I tried acupuncture, PT and nsaids – all were minimally helpful but without a doubt- Laura’s yoga therapy sessions helped the most. She is an excellent provider with immense knowledge and insight. She is kind and compassionate and respectful of your healing goals, she just gets it. So very glad I found her!!
– M.H.

My experience with Laura was wonderful! Our therapeutic yoga sessions helped me get to meditative depths I didn’t expect. Her follow up and concern were much appreciated as well.
– S.R.

Laura is an incredible yoga therapist with a deep understanding of the application of yoga
for well-being at any level.
– A.Q.

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 5 years and make every effort to practice with Laura.
Her calming presence, perfectly paced sequences, and attentiveness to each student’s needs allow me to leave class feeling completely relaxed and invigorated. Laura is constantly growing her own practice and expertise and sharing new ideas and experiences with her students, so I never feel as though my own practice has stalled. I truly look forward to each class and really can’t recommend Laura enough!
– J.K.

I took Laura’s introductory class and felt she truly expressed the spirit of yoga.
She is soft spoken and well-versed, which made me feel extremely comfortable with her. I would highly recommend Laura.
– M.C.

Laura, just wanted to say, thanks for the yoga advice —
I’ve changed my practice to be more about managing my nervous system and maintaining my calm and steady breath and heartbeat.
It has worked wonders so far.
– S.S.

Laura is a treasure. She is an approachable professional who treats her clients with great care and customized attention.
Her sessions are soothing, yet energizing, and I went out of my way to practice with her.
– S.C.

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