Moon Glow Flow

Saturday, December 15
2 – 5pm
Wake Up Yoga South

Moon Glow Flow is a chance to connect with your cooler side. In our day to day hustle, we are often overstimulated, overworked and overheated, which can leave us feeling depleted and burnt out. Instead, move towards balance with a focus on the fluid, lunar energy of a quiet, centered mind.

Join me as I lead you through a guided meditation, followed by slow flowing cycles of movement, into the powerful postures of yin yoga. Give yourself the gift of time and space, as you tap into your deepest intentions for the new year from a place of ease and abundance.


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“We are going to the moon, that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.”

-Anais Nin

Chair Yoga Workshop

Sunday, February 3
10 – 11:15am
Glenside Community Acupuncture

We hear it all the time: sitting is bad for our health. And we feel it too: low back pain, tight hips and shoulders, and sore necks. Learn about the muscles that are affected by sitting and how to release and strengthen those same muscles from where you sit. This workshop includes sitting and standing postures and relaxation techniques that can be done from a chair or work station. Chair Yoga is a practice for all ages.


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