Mind/Body Stress Reduction Series
at Nava Yoga Center

Stress affects us in a variety of ways: physical, energetic, emotional, and mental. Recognizing the mind/body connection in relation to stress helps to shift our response to challenging situations and increases our overall sense of well-being. Yoga therapy reduces the stress response, supports sleep hygiene, and improves physical function. Mindfulness meditation enhances mental focus and encourages a positive perspective. This series combines gentle movement, breathwork, and meditation to enhance the mind/body connection and reduce the impact of stress.

Yoga Therapy 3-Week Series
at Nava Yoga Center

We hear it all the time: sitting is bad for our health. And we feel it too: low back pain, tight hips and shoulders, and sore necks. Plus, poor posture can inhibit our breath, contributing to lower energy and higher stress. Learn how the body can be affected by sitting and how to release and strengthen your muscles and manage your stress right from where you sit. Each class will combine sitting and standing postures with relaxation techniques that can be done from a chair or work station. 

Upper Body: Neck, Shoulders, Wrists, Spine

Lower Body: Lower Back, Hips, Knees, Ankles

Stress Reduction: Calm, Focus, Balance

Yoga Therapy for Infertility:
Easing Physiological and Psychological Distress in a Time of Uncertainty
at The Healing Arts Center

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In this five-week series find ease and resilience by cultivating relaxation and connection through emotional processing and social support. Together we’ll explore breath-work, meditation, and yoga postures that promote self-care and self-awareness while reducing the impact of stress that many women encounter during infertility.


Current studies show yoga therapy may reduce the physiological and psychological impacts of infertility by lowering the stress response along the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, improving resilience and increasing feelings of wellbeing (Domar et al., 2011). As heart rate variability increases, the nervous system calms, promoting emotional regulation. Yoga therapy addresses the biopsychosocial and spiritual model of integrative care by navigating the relationship between one’s body, mind, and emotions with the tools of breath-work, meditation, and movement through the lens of mindful awareness and compassion.

No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.

Learn more about my inspiration for the series here.

Domar, A. D., Rooney, K.L., Wiegand, B., Orav, J.E., Alper, M.M., Berger, B.M., Nikolovski, J.
(2011). Impact of a group mind/body intervention on pregnancy rates in ivf patients.
American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 95(7), 2269–2273.

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